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About SBAP

Since 1982, Small Business Access Partners (SBAP) has been making an impact on small businesses throughout Georgia. We are a non-profit certified development company (CDC) authorized by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to lend capital to small businesses. SBAP has helped over 500 entrepreneurs start/grow their companies, create jobs and make a positive impact on their surrounding communities. SBAP has closed and funded over $225 million in SBA 504 loan proceeds and have helped our small businesses create over 6,600 jobs.

Our Mission

To make capital available to small businesses by working in partnership with banks to provide SBA 504 loans and other economic development loans. The SBAP has the solution to certain small business financing needs through programs that provide reasonable rates, lower down-payments, and longer repayment terms on loans for eligible small businesses. Up to 90 percent financing is available for fixed assets such as land, buildings, equipment and lease hold improvements. The programs offered encourage banks to make small business loans more readily available. If you have been unable to get long-term financing at reasonable rates, then the SBAP may have a loan for you.